Meet Heather

…yep all boys and little ole me.

Hi, I’m Heather MacFadyen.

God has been a part of my life since I prayed a simple prayer in Kindergarten. From 3rd grade thru 8th grade I was homeschooled (and no, I never won a spelling bee…just the math pentathlon ;)).

As a college Freshman I fell head-over-heals in love with an outgoing 6ft 3in skinny, curly headed Senior named Bruce.

After 6 years of marriage we celebrated the birth of our huge 9 1/2 pound son. Little did we know 6 1/2 years (to the day!) after the birth of their 1st son, our 4th son would be born.

(Here’s a post where I introduce the Mac boys)


My humbling…

Motherhood is hard. Having four boys in such a short period of time is down right ridiculous. The needs are great. The sacrifices are many. Because of all the comforts and conveniences I’ve give up being a mom, I cling to my rights. I stubbornly demand to remain at the center of my life.

So, on a daily basis mothering four boys reveals my self-centeredness. All my “issues” boil down to one heart condition: pride.

Like Spurgeon said, “You can either choose to be humble, or be humbled.”

Motherhood is more about the change in me than in my boys.

 This blog chronicles my messy journey of “relentlessly replacing ‘me’ with ‘He'”. Sharing the daily struggle of remaining God-centered while mothering four wild-at-heart, energetic and often stubborn boys.

God has a big plan. I am one player in that plan. At this point in my life He has called me to love & train four boys. Before long they will be men & God will use each of them uniquely. My hope is too look back fondly at these years, knowing I was faithful to serve and love my family…despite all the mistakes & chaos!

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