The topic of racial inequality and the need for reconciliation and education on race in America is a BIG. It can seem overwhelmingly big when it comes to teaching our kids how to be allies for people who are different from them. 

My guest Kirsten Watson breaks down why we shouldn’t shy away from these conversations, but how to show our children the importance of diversity and how to righteously fight for what’s right. 

As a believer, as my sister in Christ, the reason it’s so imperative for you to have this conversation with your kids is because when it happens to my kid, when the joke is made, I need your kid to stand up for my kid. Because they know that my kid was made in the image of Christ and they know that God made us all different. That they would stand up for my kid, because my kid is any kid who is not white.

Having these conversations with our kids and bringing it back to God’s truth allows us to change the narrative and raise the next generation to continue to work toward racial unity.

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  1. Rebecca Holt

    “any kid who is not white” makes it seem like the only time there is racism/partiality due to skin color is when the offender is white. But that is not so. Any time someone is being judged because of their skin color it is wrong.

    • Stacie

      I agree that specifying not the white kid weakened this message.

      Diversity is beautiful. I have just purchased Kirsten’s husband’s book as I would like to learn more about them and lead my family in this difficult time in our country. I am excited about how the Holy Spirit will continue to use the Watsons to carry His message.

      All of our kids need to be standing up for their friends when they are treated less than by others for any reason. Maybe this would be a better way to state this and match the rest of this beautiful message of breaking down and searching our hearts to get rid of prejudice.

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