KJ Perdomo isn’t a mom (yet). But as a daughter, she has experienced a what seems like a lifetime’s worth of pain and rejection. She shares her story of loss and brokenness and about the bullying she experienced growing up. But it doesn’t stop there.

God pursued her through an aunt who adopted her and a timely invitation to church when she was contemplating suicide, then again through a community of believers in college who radically loved her and helped her hear God. Through her own story of redemption, KJ found a passion for connecting others to revival and for discipling people to hear God’s voice instead of the world’s.

It is not worth my time to dwell on and think about a thought that was not from the Lord. There’s a verse that says we need to take our thoughts captive. The original context literally means to capture and interrogate our thoughts… It’s not worth your time to believe anything less than what heaven is speaking about you.

KJ’s story will fire you up to see revival in your own family and communities as we seek to follow Jesus’ example.

We have to be people who radically live for the Lord. And it seems funny, but what we think is radical, Jesus really called normal. Since he shared himself with everyone, that should be our normal, right? Because Jesus only did what he saw the Father do. So we should do what we see Jesus do.

What we chat about:

  • KJ’s story of family brokenness, adoption and growing up learning about Jesus
  • Her struggle with self worth during her school years and the effects of bullying in her life
  • Hearing God for yourself and helping your children learn to hear God is so important
  • KJ’s experience growing closer to God in college
  • How community pressing into God on KJ’s behalf made a powerful impact on her
  • Learning to hear the voice of God
  • Taking every thought captive and how to interrogate your thoughts to see if they are from God
  • It’s not worth your time to believe anything less than what heaven is speaking about you
  • Opting into community with other believers and how it can be messy, but worth it
  • Seeking revival for our communities and for us personally
  • Revival starts with reconciliation
  • Believing the truth of who God says you are and that he can heal your deep heart wounds
  • To see revival in the world and in our families we have to be willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • Living radically for Jesus and sharing our faith
  • The nuts and bolts of modern-day discipleship
  • Asking the right questions to point people back to Jesus

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