It’s an uncomfortable and often controversial subject, especially in the church, but homosexuality and same sex attraction is something we all need to understand from a Biblical perspective. This week’s guest Jackie Hill Perry shares how the power of the gospel in her life rescued her from the sin she was living in as a woman with same sex attractions.

She not only brings us into her amazing story, but absolutely preaches the word of God and brings a lot of clarity to what can feel like a gray area for many Christians.

My conscience would not allow me to shake the truth that Jesus died for sin and that he is not pleased with sin at all. So I tried my best to shake him and I couldn’t…And I felt God speak to my heart and say that my girlfriend or my sin would be the death of me. That the wages of sin equals death. Because I saw it wasn’t my girlfriend or my lesbianism alone. It was that my entire life would be the death of me.

Jackie shares stories and insights from her new book Gay Girl, Good God. She also answers listener questions about how to share God’s love with LGBTQ friends and family by treating them as a whole person and keeping the gospel centered on God’s truth and not culture’s.

What we chat about:

  • Jackie’s background, home life and beginnings of same sex attraction.
  • Her belief that same sex attraction is choosing sin.
  • How sexual sin is a specifically addicting sin.
  • God does not rank sins. Homosexuality is not better or worse than any other sin.
  • Insight into black lesbian culture and false masculinity.
  • How God pursued Jackie through people and circumstances and reminded her of who he made her to be.
  • Jackie’s experience wrestling with the truth that the wages of sin is death.
  • The power of a very close discipleship relationship when you are needing breakthrough from sin or trauma.
  • The process of learning to have healthy same sex friendships.
  • Dealing with temptations and how Jesus empathizes with us and gives us power to overcome sin.
  • How to love LGBTQ people and pray for them, but not condone the sin.
  • Evangelism needs to be God-centered and not centered on a person’s sexuality.
  • Dialoguing about same sex attraction using the Bible as the explicit answer for all questions regarding it.
  • Jackie’s response to gay marriage and why we are called to love God more than we love people who are living in sin.

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