Most parents know the typical progression of physical milestones: roll-over, sit-up, crawl, walk, then run. And it’s clear when a child isn’t moving from one stage to the next.  When that happens we’ll reach out for outside help and therapy.

What about emotional milestones? How do we help kids progress toward healthy emotional maturity? And how can we help them if we don’t know how to express healthy emotions ourselves?

Thankfully Sissy Goff and David Thomas are back on the show, TOGETHER, to help. As licensed counselors, working at DayStar Counseling Center in Nashville, they daily interact with youth and parents. Helping navigate the confusing waters of emotional development.

What we chat about:

  • How we all want to be progressing in our emotional development.
  • The key of helping kids figure out: “what do I feel” and “what do I do with it”.
  • Helping our children build emotional vocabulary using a feelings chart.
  • Directing kids’ emotional perspective using a drama-meter.
  • Setting up a physical “space” for our boys to process emotions.
  • Tips for helping kiddos develop empathy.
  • Scenarios and questions to ask to help develop emotional resourcefulness.

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