Don’t let the title scare you. Get ready to be encouraged and equipped in becoming an expert on sex (at least in the eyes of your children!). Going beyond one awkward “talk”. And engaging in a series of age-appropriate conversations with your kids as they grow and develop.

If you haven’t listened to my first convo with Mary Flo. . .here’s the link: When to have “The Talk”? (Encore Episode). I’d recommend starting there. Because that episode sets the stage for today’s chat about the “birds & bees” with Mary Flo & Megan.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How to respond when a sexualized song is played in the Walmart?
  • How to tell a better story than our culture.
  • Using the “Beauty vs. Boundaries” concept when answering questions about sex.
  • Help for talking to your kids about pornography and having an intentional response
  • Planning a get-away weekend with your pre-pubescent child, when you would:
    • define what makes a great friend (then lead into girl/boyfriend).
    • define what love is.
    • draw a timeline of their life, marking highlights that have happened and dreaming about what could happen. then focusing in on years 13-21.

Mary Flo and Megan have crafted a beautiful resource for parents on their site: Birds & Bees. Their curriculum would be perfect for a small group or couples to discuss together.

I’ve implemented this approach in our home. And felt prepared and confident when approaching the topic of sex with my boys. Praying it helps you with your children as well.

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