You see the pic on instagram. A group of moms from your community enjoying a girls trip together. And, woosh. You are transported to your junior high self. All those rejection feelings resurface.

It isn’t just past and current rejection that sting. The fear of future rejection can keep you locked up and lonely.

If you and I could grab coffee, we’d share stories of being left out. Uninvited. And how those events left marks on our souls.

Rejection steals the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what’s been said to me. -Lysa TerKeurst

A few weeks ago, former podcast guests, Kay Wyma and Courtney DeFeo invited me to gather around Courtney’s kitchen table. We welcomed author, Lysa TerKeurst, to talk about her latest book, “Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely”**.

Uninvited (1)

In this episode you’re invited to join us around the table. Listening to our chat about the topics of rejection and friendship break-ups. Lysa shares wisdom and encouragement from wrestling with this topic herself. And the conclusions she comes to will lift your spirit.

God’s love isn’t based on me. It’s simply placed on me. And it’s the place from which I should live . . . loved.- Lysa TerKeurst

(If you want to join us via video, check out Kay’s vodcast the “Say Something Show”).


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What we chat about:

  • How the people pleasing Lysa explored in “The Best Yes” led her to the message of “Uninvited”
  • All of us are either healing from a past rejection, dealing with a current rejection or fearing a future one.
  • Lysa’s memory of being uninvited to a middle school birthday party and not getting the pink shirt.
  • The truth of God’s unconditional love over you and His plan to use your hurt for good.
  • What if the lack of an invitation (rejection) is God’s protection over you?
  • Two social media challenges.
  • Helping others and thinking of others, eases our own loneliness.
  • The real hurt and recovery from friendship “break-ups”.
  • Dealing with our own broken places especially if we see a chain of broken relationships.
  • “The Self-Analysis Quiz” and then a form for a trusted friend to fill out.
  • What Lysa wants you to do to the book when you’re done reading it.

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