When I think of inviting others into my home I cringe. Not because I don’t love people.

Honestly? It’s because of the Legos.

(I’m convinced Legos can have babies. And they aren’t very good parents because they leave their children to be stepped on. Or worse vacuumed up!)

Thankfully after this podcast interview I’ve been given a new perspective about creating a life-giving home. The process starts with embracing the people God gave me and the way He made me.

The amazing Sally Clarkson, author & speaker, has been opening my eyes to the beauty and ministry of mothering for the past 6 years. (Although she’s been sharing that message for more than 20 years. . .).

In this week’s episode you’ll hear Sally and I discuss how to create a space of belonging and becoming. An environment where your family and others feel Christ’s love and acceptance. And are inspired to do all God has equipped them to do.

AND fun bonus!!! Sally and the Tyndale team are generously giving a copy of Sally’s new book: “The Lifegiving Home”  **.

To enter to win a copy, just leave a comment below (would love to hear ways you are finding to give life from your home!). Giveaway ends February 14th, 2016. Winner will be notified via email.

This Week’s Partner:

Jim & Lynn Jackson of Connected Families (from Episodes 80, 81, & 98).

Don’t miss a chance to join me in taking the “Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart” course. Registration ends this week. Once you sign up take as long as you’d like to complete the course. . .on your own schedule.

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Curious to know more about the course? Watch this video outlining a new way to approach discipline.

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Connect with Sally:

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What we chat about:

  • What is a life-giving home?
  • Reframing your vision of what a home could be.
  • How Legos keep me from inviting people into my home.
  • When Sally learned to love tea and coffee.
  • How to be an artist in your home, uniquely expressing God’s imprint.
  • How technology impacts the atmosphere we desire.
  • The role you play in taking responsibility for what your home looks like.
  • When your spouse has different values from you.
  • The work of cultivating your children’s appetite and creating a life-giving home.
  • Embracing the unique puzzle God has given you (all girls, all boys, moving a lot, single mom, etc.)

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