It feels like FOREVER since Amanda ( and I have chatted all-things-movies.

Since it’s summer (and a holiday weekend) we decided it’s time for another Family Movie Moms episode.

So we’re back with loads and loads of discussions about current (and a few not-so-current) movies.

Half the time we chat about our love for Inside Out. There are soooo many great discussion options for your family. From labeling emotions to handling mom anger to theology of the Holy Spirit…great summer movie option.

Then we share our mutual disappointment over Tomorrowland. Fortunately we did think of a few redeeming conversations you could have after seeing it (including the hope we have in the gospel).

As a 4th of July gift. . .we’ve thrown in a few date night and chick flick options.

Make sure to check out our Family Movie Moms Pinterest Board. You’ll find lots of great discussion guides for movies which may be playing in your local theater for a $1 this summer.

(And a little warning about the intro to this episode…it’s my summer version…no mic, in the car with all 4 boys, after leaving the pool. . .down in Houston. The best I could do to make sure you get this episode before the weekend begins! #reallife)


What we chat about:

  • Quick review of Cinderella (with future plans to talk more when DVD comes out)
  • Long discussion about Pixar’s Inside Out (in theaters now)
  • Why my kids hated Tomorrowland but a good option for teens
  • Brief convo about Home Epic
  • Where can you go to find movies to watch at home
  • Date Night movie options: The Book Thief, The Judge Woman in Gold
  • And a couple Chick Flick movie night ideas: Far from the Madding Crowd Julie and Julia

Links Mentioned:

What have you seen and enjoyed this summer? Share ideas in the comments below.

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