The death toll from Saturday’s earthquake keeps rising.

We hear huge numbers of those with AIDS or those without clean water or children without parents.

The giant numbers begin to numb us. And make us feel small and ineffective.

Then along comes Tara Clapper with a message of focusing on the one.

“Do for one what you wish you could do for all.” -Any Stanley

After a broken engagement, Tara pleaded with God from her closet,

“If you will make yourself real today, God. I will follow you. I don’t know why it hurts so bad. But if you can turn it off, I’m coming your way. And He did.”

With a new faith and a desire to go where He led, Tara found herself on a trip to South Africa. Which led her on a trip to Rwanda. Which birthed a dream she didn’t know she had. 

That dream begin with a relationship with one little boy named, Innocent.


Fast forward 4 years and Tara now feeds 1200 students and teachers daily through her non-for-profit business, No. 41. She has employed and launched several young women who have matured out of the Noel Orphanage.

She is changing a community and it all started with one.

What we talked about:

  • A broken engagement, two days in her closet & desperate prayer
  • Tara’s travels–from wanting a European vacation to selling it all to move to Africa.
  • When you have to choose between comfort and faith
  • My new favorite term Tara used, “pranking”
  • What “childlike faith” looks like on a new adult believer.
  • How the orphanage didn’t expect she was coming & didn’t know what do with her
  • The unintentional blessings of her year of following by faith.
  • What Tara did with the list of what bugged her about Rwanda
  • How No. 41 grew beyond Tara’s original plan to employ 6 girls
  • What made the orphanage upset about Tara’s new nonprofit ministry
  • The one thing Tara crossed off her “what bugs me about Rwanda” list
  • How Tara kept capping what God wanted to do she kept finding He had a bigger idea
  • How children responded when they found out Tara was going to feed them. every. day.
  • How the feeding program is motivating families to send their children to school.
  • For one child. For one meal. For one year.

Connect with Tara:

No. 41 Site :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

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Who could you impact today? Pick just one person.

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