The Bible Isn’t All About Me {what?}

March 21, 2012 | 6 comments

Christ came to save. He took on our sin, suffered & died. He was buried & rose again. He ascended into heaven & sent His Spirit to guide us. The early church formed & spread this good news.

When those first believers, mostly Jews, read the Old Testament they clung to the prophecies. They were looking for confirmation of Jesus as the Son of God. The Messiah. This was a faith they were willing to suffer persecution & die.

When we pick up the Bible today we look at the context & may read a commentary. Ultimately, we look for how the Scripture applies to us. Asking: “What does it say about my life?”.

But was the Bible written all about me? About you? Not really. It was written all about the one who would save us.

The early church read the Scripture with the lens of Christ. They read it Christologically.

If you want to read more about reading the Bible Christologically…Check out my guest post at How to Read the Bible “Christianly”

(One thing that IS all about me? It’s my birthday today!!! Woot!)


    • Heather MacFadyen

      Thanks friend!! It was a great day!

  1. savedbygrace

    @”The Bible Isn’t All About Me {what?}”

    Amen to that! Amen!

    oh boy i cant stop myself from sharing this..

    long ago, when I read the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac
    I often think of the message like this.
    that I have to give to God the things that are important for me as sacrifice

    but then now, I realized when we read the scripture, be it old or new
    we are to look for Jesus

    revisiting the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac
    It was the love story of God sending His son Jesus to die for our sins!

    Abraham knew that God would send Jesus to die for our sins.
    No wonder Abraham acted in faith!

    so the next time we read the scripture, we always look for Jesus.

    Even Jesus read Isaiah, and expounded concerning Himself.
    Even on the Emaus road, Jesus did not shew Himself to the disciple, but rather
    showed Himself in the scripture.

    awesome post..

    and, happy Birthday…. May you increase in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. Amen!

    – grace and peace

    • Heather MacFadyen

      Sooooo good! Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you about Himself and His redemptive plan through His Word!

  2. Lisa @ MakingItInVermont

    Hi Heather. I just found your blog today. As a mom of 5 boys my oldest is 10 and youngest is 7 months, I too am on a humble journey to keep God in the center. I’ll be following your blog posts eagerly. Thanks for being out there sister! -Oh and may you have a very happy birthday.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      Yay! so glad you found me fellow boy mom! Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a blessed day!

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