Few Favorites Friday: January 20th

January 20, 2012 | 4 comments

1. Cheesy Beef Macaroni

I found this recipe through Pinterest and it was quite a hit! I’ll warn you that the directions on the website are more complex than they need to be. Basically cook onions, then beef. You have to blend a 28 oz can of whole tomatoes in a food processor/blender. Add the blended tomatoes to the onions/beef with some spices and let it simmer for an HOUR! Then you add some mostly cooked macaroni noodles, put in the oven for only 10-15 minutes (it says 45 minutes but I think that’s from a refrigerated state). Add shredded cheese (cheddar & mozzarella) and broil.

It was somewhat easy to make (little time-consuming) but it was such a hit that I’m going to be making it again! These six little guys were BIG fans.

2. Retro games from World Market

I went to World Market to get some jewelry to replace what was stolen (they have great jewelry and scarves by the way!). I found these super cute retro games:

My eldest son and I have been working on learning how to “knit” with the knitting doll. He actually likes it! The doll I picked was a little boy version (bow tie and all!). The flipping fish game requires one to bend over to play…so in my pregnant state I let the boys play this together. This last game is so simple but quite popular: Rhymo Dominoes. Basically you place a domino if it rhymes with the word on the other domino. The first person to get rid of all his dominoes wins!

3. Cute camera strap

My sister-in-law was my secret santa this Christmas. The camera strap she ordered me through etsy was “delayed” in production. So I got it this week from her. I LOVE IT!! (check out the cute little pocket for the lens cap).

Check out the etsy shop: Snappy Straps Design (Houston, TX)

4. Awesome “Science” Experiment with Ivory Soap

One of my homeschool blogging friends on Twitter posted a link to this fun Ivory soap experiment. It only works with Ivory soap…but soooo worth buying some bars.

Basically you place a bar of Ivory soap on a microwave safe plate and within 20 seconds it will begin to expand. It will be fully expanded in a minute and a half.

My middle son had the fun idea to put a bar in our ice cream bowl that shaped like an ice cream cone…

Things went a little crazy when they decided that it resembled snow… they proceeded to carry all the plates and bowls of expanded Ivory soap outside and throw it around. Um yeah…still cleaning that up. 

5. Christian Community

Thank you to all of you for your words of support and encouragement regarding the robbery. I know that there are a lot bigger things going on in people’s lives…

Thank you for your offers to help. Thank you for bringing me lunch. Thank you for making me jewelry. Thank you for your prayers.

What were some of your favorites this week?

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  1. kd sullivan

    I love your simple list from the everyday occurrences of your life! You are highly favored indeed.

  2. sherri

    All of those are awesome! The noodle dish was wonderful. Thank you so much for preparing it for us and especially thank you for your generosity in letting the boys some over and play in your sparkling clean house:) Thank you for your beautiful spirit!

  3. Jen W.

    Ahhh, World Market…my go-to place for stocking stuffers! Evie got the rhyming domino game, Creed the wind up alligator, and Richard a bar of 99% dark chocolate bar (yes, it exists, and he loves it!) as well as a Bacon dark chocolate bar which cost too much but in retrospect I wish I’d bought another for myself…delish! :o)

  4. Malisa

    I really like your camera strap. It’s really cute!

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