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August 31, 2011 | 5 comments

I can’t tell you enough times what a HUGE difference Kat Lee from Inspired to Action ( has made in my life, in my mothering, in our family, in my friendships, in my marriage…

What has Kat done that is so spectacular?

She introduced me to a new habit and a new concept: Waking up for my children instead of to my children. Designating a time in the morning for just me and God…BEFORE my boys wake up!

Crazy. I know.

Most of you have probably stopped reading at this point. You love sleep. You are exhausted from your day. You can’t imagine losing anymore sleep than you already do. I get it. Remember? I have three boys and I’m pregnant with another child.

Here’s what made things click for me…

My boys sleep about 11 hours at night. I need at least 8 hours of sleep to be a happy mommy. That leaves 3 hours for “me” time. Prior to meeting Kat I would spend that entire 3 hours in the evening…doing the dishes, folding laundry, surfing the web, watching T.V., etc.

After reading her eBook, “Maximize your Mornings”  and doing her Spring and Summer MYM Challenges, I spend 2 hours at night doing those things and 1 hour in the morning: with God in prayer, reading His Word, planning my day & hopefully soon doing some exercise. So I begin the day feeling filled up, instead of waiting until the evening for some “me time”.

I would NOT suggest waking up an hour early right off the bat…BAD IDEA. Kat suggests, and I agree, to start small. Just 5 minutes earlier!! Spend a minute in prayer, read a short piece of Scripture to dwell on throughout the day, look at your calendar for that day, and do a minute of sit-ups or lunges or push-ups. Then the next week push yourself to getting up 15 minutes earlier (she talks you through this process in her free eBook).

Are you convinced yet? Do you need accountability? Then sign up for the next MYM Challenge or “Hello Mornings” Challenge!! 1,200 women have already signed up…amazing!

You can sign up for a group on Twitter (that’s where I’ll be @hmacmomma), Facebook or through email. Join me in maximizing our mornings! See link below for details on signing up (before FRIDAY!!!):


  1. Sarah

    I just signed up a few days ago! I can’t wait…I so NEED the help!!

  2. Christy@pipandsqueak

    I was in a group this summer but failed miserably. It was just not a good summer to start such a new habit. But, the days that I did get up early were amazingly different. I was not going to join the challenge but reading your post is inspiring me to do it. I really need that.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      DO it!! the fall will be much, much easier than the summer. I felt like the spring was definitely easier than the summer. good luck!

  3. Sherri

    Love it. It does make such a difference. So glad you wrote that!

  4. Cheryl

    Oh my goodness – world of difference! That life that is truly life that I thought just wasn’t going to be back after I had children, is here! I have not yet read “inspired to action” things yet, but God has been getting my backside out of bed before my children for a couple months so I could just be with him. Hello, date with God!!!!!!!! And bad breath – no worries by Him. When I am lying in bed thinking, “really?” my mind says, “Would you be late for a date with your husband? get – up.” I used to think how weird it was that people would get up in the wee hours of the morning to be still. Surely sleeping is the stillness I need, right, God? those people – not so crazy. or maybe I’m becoming one of the crazies. Yea!!!!!


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