Few Favorites Friday: August 12th

August 12, 2011 | 5 comments

1. Easy, Quick Smoothies

Remember how I said it’s been hot in Texas? still is. To cool off this week I pulled out one of my favorite “mommy tricks”: instant smoothies! Thanks to the Yoplait smoothie mix. You find it in the freezer section (sound like a commercial). They have 3 different flavors (one below is strawberry banana). It comes with the frozen fruit & yogurt frozen in chunks. All you add is 1 cup of milk. that’s it!! It makes enough for all 3 boys (and a little for mommy).

2. Having boys cook dinner

This week my husband was out of town for a conference. Therefore my “meal plan” was a little more kid-friendly than usual (aka Chick-fil-a on Wednesday). On Monday, I had the boys make dinner. I bought the Pillsbury pizza dough (directions on the canister on how long to cook and at what temp). Bought pizza sauce, which my oldest son spread over the dough.

My middle son added the cheese…since that’s his favorite food of all time!

Last of all…the placing of the pepperoni. perfection.

3. Hanna Andersson PJs

I just folded the boys laundry  and it struck me how vibrant the colors were from these Hanna Andersson pajamas. The amazing part is that I bought them on consignment (some other child wore them), for my oldest back in 2006. A total of 4 boys have worn these pjs and they still look really great. 

They aren’t the cheapest pjs ($38 full price) but knowing that I have 3 kids that wear these, it’s worth every penny (especially if I find more on consignment).  They have them for girls too. Check them out at Hanna Andersson’s website.

 4. Read-Aloud Bible Stories

My mother-in-law purchased this book for the boys for Christmas a few years ago. They love it. There are 4 different volumes. This week my oldest son got this book out and sat in the playroom and started reading it aloud. Like the Pied Piper the other boys started gathering and listening to God’s word. Such a sweet moment.

It’s a large book with big illustrations, simplified story line and discussion questions. Here is a link to Christian Bookstore’s website. You can also, of course, get them on Amazon.

What were some of your favorites this week?


  1. erin

    We LOVE those books too, can’t wait until Cara can read them aloud as well. 🙂 That was so sweet. You can also get them at LOGOS bookstore in Snider Plaza!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      good to know about Logos! thanks erin.

  2. Erin

    Some of my favorites this week-
    1. Central Market frozen casseroles for dinner
    2. Spontaneous playdates with neighbors
    3. Coconut rum in my Izze sparkling blackberry juice
    4. Corinne’s haircut which makes brushing it so.much.easier!
    5. Zhu Zhu pets on clearance that are a new “distraction” for kids so I can pack for our trip.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      love them all!! have a great trip!!

  3. Holly Ramsey

    I second the vote for Hanna Andersson. I have also bought stuff second-hand on Ebay and it continues to come through the wash time after time looking absolutely perfect. If you have same gender kids, I am a huge proponent of spending more for quality clothes up front and saving later.

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